AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-25Add README and COPYING filesHEADmasterJames E. Blair
2012-12-09Fixes for TurboGears 2.1.5.James E. Blair
2010-08-10Added feed filtering.Monty Taylor
2010-04-03Handle bad arguments to post method.James E. Blair
2010-04-03Handle more bad arguments, including to openid server.James E. Blair
2010-04-03Return 404 more often with author search errors.James E. Blair
2010-04-03Handle bad arguments to author method.James E. Blair
2010-04-03Handle bad arguments to tag method.James E. Blair
2009-09-01Handle OpenID consumers that don't support YADIS for return_to verification.James E. Blair
2009-08-23Add a comment name validator.James E. Blair
2009-08-23Remove port numbers for OpenID urls.James E. Blair
2009-08-23OpenID fixes.James E. Blair
2009-08-23Addd OpenID controllers to support being an OpenID provider.James E. Blair
2009-08-14fix for E. Blair
2009-08-11Remove separate linkback table (just variants of comments now).James E. Blair
2009-08-09Improve linkback handling.James E. Blair
2009-07-28Produce better URLs for pagination.James E. Blair
2009-07-28Return 404 on invalid post id.James E. Blair
2009-07-28Return XMLRPC exceptions on invalid XMLRPC input for pingbacks.James E. Blair
2009-07-28Only URL quote urls if they aren't ASCII.James E. Blair
2009-07-28Fix bug viewing comments when anonymous.James E. Blair
2009-07-27Fix comment author link when author is a local user.James E. Blair
2009-07-27URL quote when generating Quoins URLs. Fixes problems with Unicode tags.James E. Blair
2009-07-27Initial checkin (TG 2.0).James E. Blair