Monty Taylor

Open Source Executive and Free Software Hacker. Expert in Cloud Computing, Large Scale Systems, CI/CD and DevOps. Frequently found speaking on the Global conference circuit. Constantly wearing an extreme amount of hats.

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OpenStack 2010-present

OpenStack Technical Committee Member


OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors Individual Member


OpenStack Project Policy Board Member


OpenStack Infra

Founder, PTL Emeritus, Core Team Member


Red Hat

Member of Technical Staff, Office of Technology: Dallas, TX



Adjunct Professor, ITP: New York, NY



Distinguished Engineer, Cloud: New York, NY / Dallas, TX



Distinguished Technologist, Cloud: New York, NY / Palo Alto, CA


Rackspace Cloud

System Architect: New York, NY


The MySQL Years 2005-2010


System Architect: Seattle, WA / New York, NY

C++, Python, Drizzle, Linux, OSX, Solaris

Sun Microsystems

Staff Engineer: Seattle, WA

C++, Drizzle, MySQL, Linux, OSX, Solaris


Senior Consultant: Seattle, WA / Stockholm, Sweden

MySQL, MySQL Cluster, Heartbeat, DRBD, Linux, C++, C#, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby

Startups 1999-2005


Founder, Partner: Dallas, TX / Seattle, WA

Plone, Python, mod_python, TurboGears, Debian/Ubuntu GNU/Linux

In August Productions

Founder, CEO

Python, Zope, elisp, LaTeX, exim, ZODB, GTK, Glade, Cyrus, SASL, SquirrelMail, Apache, Debian GNU/Linux, Debian Packaging FreeBSD


Senior System Administrator: Dallas, TX

Apache, MySQL, Debian GNU/Linux, dirvish, Exim, Debian Packaging

Information Innovation

Information Artist / Lead Developer: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Perl, MySQL, Apache, Zope, Python, RedHat GNU/Linux, Solaris, MacOS X

Pre-history 1995-1999

Branch Bank and Trust

Enterprise Management Systems Analyst: Wilson, NC

Tivoli, Perl, ksh, AIX, Windows

Best Consulting: Group Health Cooperative

Consultant: Seattle, WA

Perl, ksh, Sybase, T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Solaris

EDS: Russell Stover Candies, Kansas City, MO

Information Analyst

Perl, ksh, Sybase, T-SQL, AIX

Fujitsu Network Communications, Dallas, TX

UNIX Admin/Support

AIX, C, Framemaker SDK, ksh

IBM, Raleigh, NC

UNIX Admin/Support

MVS, AIX, C, ksh