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2016-12-08Updates from LisaMonty Taylor
2016-12-08Add OpenStack Mountain West TalkMonty Taylor
2016-10-06Add talk for LinuxConf EuropeMonty Taylor
2016-09-22Update two typosMonty Taylor
2016-09-22Update who cares talk for OpenStack Days NordicMonty Taylor
2016-09-13Update git repo countMonty Taylor
2016-08-25Add zuul talkMonty Taylor
2016-07-14Swapped out the company count slideMonty Taylor
2016-07-13Update who-cares for OpenStack Day BeijingMonty Taylor
2016-07-11Update for Red HatMonty Taylor
2016-06-08Updated for PragueMonty Taylor
2016-06-06Add cloud native fallacy talkMonty Taylor
2016-05-04Add zuulv3 slidesMonty Taylor
2016-04-24Add update for the OpenStack BoardMonty Taylor
2016-04-20Remove infrequent callsMonty Taylor
2016-04-20Move neutron callsMonty Taylor
2016-04-20Remove Task suffixMonty Taylor
2016-04-20Update task namesMonty Taylor
2016-04-05Add NYU talkMonty Taylor
2016-03-07Up yMax on OSICMonty Taylor
2016-03-07Add OSICMonty Taylor
2016-03-03Add vexxhost to dsvm graphsMonty Taylor
2016-03-02Add vexxhostMonty Taylor
2016-02-25Fix bug in exampleMonty Taylor
2016-02-25Point to other blog postMonty Taylor
2016-02-25Add a line about clouds.yamlMonty Taylor
2016-02-25Update confusing variablesMonty Taylor
2016-02-22Add post about using os-client-configMonty Taylor
2016-02-06Align OVH with Rackspace numbersMonty Taylor
2016-02-06Or maybe 3 secondsMonty Taylor
2016-02-06Drop API response graphs to 2 secondsMonty Taylor
2016-02-06Remove HP from task-reportMonty Taylor
2016-01-19Bump againMonty Taylor
2016-01-19Bump ymax for bluebox and internapMonty Taylor
2016-01-06Bump internap node limitMonty Taylor
2016-01-06Bump upper OVH yMaxMonty Taylor
2016-01-06Add internap to devstack graphsMonty Taylor
2016-01-06Add internapMonty Taylor
2015-12-01Change BlueBox max to 40Monty Taylor
2015-12-01Set y-max on API callsMonty Taylor
2015-12-01Bump small providers to 160Monty Taylor
2015-11-26Use Hack font for codeMonty Taylor
2015-11-20Bump ymax for small cloudsMonty Taylor
2015-11-19Add a ymax to the tempest graphsMonty Taylor
2015-11-19More scaling cleanupsMonty Taylor
2015-11-19Gave this consistent scales and titlesMonty Taylor
2015-11-19Add BB to the tempest graphsMonty Taylor
2015-11-16Rearranged a bitMonty Taylor
2015-11-16Move javascript into javascript dirMonty Taylor
2015-11-16Cleaning up the graphs - remove tripleo, squash raxMonty Taylor