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2017-10-19Add only-one-cloud talkMonty Taylor
2017-08-31Add RH slides for huawei connectMonty Taylor
2017-08-31Add ansible openstack talk for Huawei ConnectMonty Taylor
2017-08-31Update cloud listMonty Taylor
2017-08-31Updated for Huawei ConnectMonty Taylor
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2017-07-25Last-minute updates - who would expect any different?Monty Taylor
2017-07-24Add Global Interop TalkMonty Taylor
2017-05-10Update a few things in the zuul talkMonty Taylor
2017-05-09Add shade: Everything you ever wanted as a cloud userMonty Taylor
2017-03-02Add talk for openinfradayMonty Taylor
2016-12-08Updates from LisaMonty Taylor
2016-12-08Add OpenStack Mountain West TalkMonty Taylor
2016-10-06Add talk for LinuxConf EuropeMonty Taylor
2016-09-22Update two typosMonty Taylor
2016-09-22Update who cares talk for OpenStack Days NordicMonty Taylor
2016-09-13Update git repo countMonty Taylor
2016-08-25Add zuul talkMonty Taylor
2016-07-14Swapped out the company count slideMonty Taylor
2016-07-13Update who-cares for OpenStack Day BeijingMonty Taylor
2016-07-11Update for Red HatMonty Taylor
2016-06-08Updated for PragueMonty Taylor
2016-06-06Add cloud native fallacy talkMonty Taylor
2016-05-04Add zuulv3 slidesMonty Taylor
2016-04-24Add update for the OpenStack BoardMonty Taylor
2016-04-05Add NYU talkMonty Taylor
2015-10-27Trim extra log output linesMonty Taylor
2015-10-27Add shade talkMonty Taylor
2015-10-05Some last minute updates to the Ironic talkMonty Taylor
2015-10-04Removed coda to ironic talkMonty Taylor
2015-10-04Fix a path in glean talkMonty Taylor
2015-10-04Add Ironic talkMonty Taylor
2015-09-17Swapped two slidesMonty Taylor
2015-09-16Don't need two thank you slidesMonty Taylor
2015-09-16Add InternapMonty Taylor
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