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2017-03-01It's .zuul.yamlMonty Taylor
2017-02-28Fixed a typoMonty Taylor
2017-02-28More whitespaceMonty Taylor
2017-02-28Change some yaml whitespaceMonty Taylor
2017-02-28Add blog post about zuul v3Monty Taylor
2016-02-25Fix bug in exampleMonty Taylor
2016-02-25Point to other blog postMonty Taylor
2016-02-25Add a line about clouds.yamlMonty Taylor
2016-02-25Update confusing variablesMonty Taylor
2016-02-22Add post about using os-client-configMonty Taylor
2015-09-22Add public_key_fileMonty Taylor
2015-09-22Fixed a copy-pastaMonty Taylor
2015-09-22Add post about openstackclientMonty Taylor
2015-08-01Announce my job moveMonty Taylor
2015-08-01Make layout of posts templatedMonty Taylor
2015-07-31Aligned visualsMonty Taylor
2015-07-31Make containers fluidMonty Taylor
2015-07-31Get blog posts on thereMonty Taylor