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2018-08-24Remove last vestiges of bowerMonty Taylor
2018-08-24Switch bootstrap to non-bowerMonty Taylor
2018-08-24Remove jquery and task-reportMonty Taylor
task-report is hideously out of date and doesn't work. And we don't actually use jquery.
2018-08-24Update reveal.js to 3.7.0 without bowerMonty Taylor
2018-08-24Migrate away from bowerMonty Taylor
It's dead.
2018-08-24Update to yarnMonty Taylor
2015-08-01Make layout of posts templatedMonty Taylor
2015-07-31Ported to meMonty Taylor
2015-07-31Added gh-pages invocation for releaseMichael Krotscheck
2015-07-30Added presentation framework.Michael Krotscheck