AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-31Try to make a templated layoutfeature/layoutMonty Taylor
2015-07-31Updated READMEMonty Taylor
2015-07-31Add talksMonty Taylor
2015-07-31Aligned visualsMonty Taylor
2015-07-31Make containers fluidMonty Taylor
2015-07-31Get blog posts on thereMonty Taylor
2015-07-31Move talks down a levelMonty Taylor
2015-07-31Get first talk mostly workingMonty Taylor
2015-07-31Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/starter'Monty Taylor
2015-07-31Try to get local libs and css installedMonty Taylor
2015-07-31Ported to meMonty Taylor
2015-07-31Images are now synchronized into dist folder.Michael Krotscheck
2015-07-31PyCon AU PresentationMichael Krotscheck
2015-07-31Added node installation instructionsMichael Krotscheck
2015-07-31Added gh-pages invocation for releaseMichael Krotscheck
2015-07-30Added presentation framework.Michael Krotscheck
2015-07-15Initial commitMichael Krotscheck